Friday, May 27, 2011

Last day at ALF

Today was my last day at my job at UF's Auxiliary Library Facility (ALF).  I have really had a great time working there and love all of my co-workers.  I do so very much hope to come back to my job with Team Dedup after my internship.  I don't think that I ever once in the 4 and a half months that I have worked there not wanted to go in to work and that's got to say something.  After some bad job experiences, I have most definitely learned to appreciate a good one and this has been one of them.  I learned a ton, made new friends, and felt like I belonged there.  (For more photos of my last day fun, go here.)

But alas, I mustn't dwell on what I will miss but on what lies ahead.  And what lies ahead is the Guggenheim and New York City.  Whoa.

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