Sunday, November 21, 2010

Collection development policy comparison

One of the classes I am taking this semester is Management of Information Collections and my latest assignment was a paper comparing the collection development policies of three libraries or information centers.  Being interested in academic libraries, I chose three university libraries: University of Oxford, University of Florida, and Harvard University's Andover-Harvard Theological Library.  My choices were a bit arbitrary but they were not completely without rhyme or reason.  This summer, I studied abroad in London for three weeks and visited various surrounding areas, including Oxford.  The campus was beautiful as was the Bodleian Library.  As for UF, aside from the fact that I have lived in Gainesville, home of the Gators, my whole life, I attended UF for undergrad.  And at UF, I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion (with a minor in Art History), leading me to choose the Andover-Harvard Theological Library as my third information center.  Reading their collection development policy made me miss my religion classes a lot.  I think the title "dream job" is in order here. 

If you are interested in reading my paper, feel free to email me at - copies are available upon request.

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