Monday, November 15, 2010

eReader comparison

I may be young and techy, but I am pretty old-school when it comes to books; I have little to no desire to obtain an eReader.  However, being the aspiring librarian that I am, I recognize that eReaders are proving to be a respectable portion of the technology market as well as providing an interesting challenge and opportunity for libraries of all kinds.  Whether it is a device dedicated to providing access to e-books such as Barnes & Noble's Nook or a gadget that has multiple media capabilities like Apple's iPad, people are catching onto the eReader trend.  However, with competing companies comes differing options that sometimes limit the eReader's ability to access some e-books or other downloadable media.  More and more frequently, patrons come to the Newberry Branch Library seeking advice on which eReader to purchase (or whether they should get one at all).  Often, they are asking for suggestions in relation to the library's downloadable media.  Thus, my latest blog post for the library is all about comparisons of eReaders with special emphasis on which are compatible with the library's media databases.  And what better time to think about getting a new techy toy than right before Black Friday and just in time to add to your holiday wishlist...or as a last-minute gift idea.

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