Saturday, August 13, 2011


Yes.  Finally.  And it didn't come without quite an ordeal.  This morning went well, our car came to pick up Genevieve and me right on time and got us to the airport in no time.  I did have to then take the shuttle to my terminal, but that wasn't too bad.  Because we got there so early, I had quite a bit of waiting to do, but that was find.  But then my flight was delayed.  First by only half an hour.  Then they decided that we would require a new plane as our scheduled aircraft had some damage from the weather.  So they pushed our flight back another hour and a half.  They also kept switching our gates so it felt a bit like musical chairs.  We finally took off at the time when we were supposed to arrive in Jacksonville.  But alas, it was all washed away when I speed-walked (or sped-walked?) out into the arms of my mommy and daddy, tears of joy on my cheeks, so happy to be home.  And now here I sit, on my proper bed, in the air conditioning and silence - real silence, uninterrupted by cars honking or sirens blaring or the general white noise created by running multiple fans at once.  Yes.

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