Sunday, August 14, 2011

My first full day back home

Ok, you guys, you'll never believe what I did last night!  I slept in a bed!  Under a comforter!  In air conditioning!  Under a ceiling fan!  It. Was. Amazing.  And then, I got to drive my car Henry around town!  And then I went grocery shopping with my parents to Publix!  I took a photo of one of their slogans that pretty much sums up how I feel about Publix.  Their other, main catch phrase is "Publix, where shopping is a pleasure"; so true!  And guess what I had for dinner?  A Publix Cuban sub!  Epic day.

Geez, you'd think that I just got back from an 11-week stay in a third world country or something.

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  1. I hope you continue to post to your blog. I so enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas and activities. You do need to update the info by your picture, since the Guggenheim internship is over and you are back at ALF. Love you, Mom