Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's been fun, Guggenheim library

Today was my last day working in the Guggenheim library.  I've learned a lot while I was there and met some really fantastic people.  Becky, my supervisor took me out to lunch to celebrate my last day.  She also surprised me at the end of the day with a parting gift - my choice of either a Guggenheim coffee mug or any one book from the collection of Guggenheim publications.  I decided to go with a book (surprise, surprise), The Guggenheim: Frank Lloyd Wright, the Making of the Modern Museum as it is far less likely to shatter in my luggage on the trip home.  Ok, that's not the only reason, I mean, I am a (wannabe) librarian, right?  My last act as the library intern took Becky and I on a tour of the Whitney Museum's new library.  Their library is similar to that of the Guggenheim, though their space was designed more with a library in mind than ours was.  But that is not my last act as a Guggenheim intern: tomorrow we are taking a day trip to Beacon to visit the Dia: Beacon museum.  But I don't want to get ahead of myself here, you'll just have to wait until tomorrow for the exciting conclusion of my whirlwind New York tour!

Yesterday's mileage: 2.31 mi.
Today's mileage: 3.76 mi.

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