Friday, July 22, 2011

Beating the heat with museum field trips

This photo is actually from our museum culture seminar to the MTA Arts for Transit program last Friday.  It's a sculpture of a tree hanging upside-down from the ceiling, dripping with Swarovski crystals in Grand Central Market.  You can learn more about it and see more photos of the sculpture here.  (Also, I just uploaded the other photos from that trip as well as my second trip to The Met in case you're interested - see the link to my New York photo album in the left sidebar of the page.)

As for today's museum culture seminar, we learned about the Guggenheim's exhibition management department.  In addition to the exhibitions installed in the Frank Lloyd Wright building, the speakers also discussed the international (and a couple of domestic) exhibitions and satellite endeavors pursued by the museum.  They are currently working on establishing an institution and collection in Helsinki.

After our time at the Guggenheim, I sought refuge from the heat in another exhibition space: The Center for Book Arts.  It was not really what I expected, though I couldn't tell you what exactly it was that I expected.  It seems that their primary purpose is to provide a space and materials to those pursuing various books arts and print-making techniques.  But it was air-conditioned so I'm not complaining. 

And speaking of air-conditioning, I am currently planning my life around the pursuit of it.  It's no wonder as the temperature today was in the triple digits for most of the day.  It's sad when it's so hot that I long to return home to Florida.

Today's mileage: 3.36 mi

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