Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Museum bonus trip

As you may know by now, Wednesdays are not my usual days for museum culture seminars.  However, we had an optional museum field trip after work today, mostly due to the schedule of the museum in question.  We convened at El Museo del Barrio, an institution dedicated to promoting Latino culture and displaying the works of artists of Hispanic heritage.  Mid-week, the museum hosts WEPA Wednesdays, which we were attending.  We were given a lovely tour of the galleries though our tour guide was a bit more interested in having a conversation about the works than we were, having come from a full day of work - and the oppressive heat outside.  This led to quite a bit of awkward silence moments.  It was kinda like when you have class first thing in the morning and the teacher wants to discuss last night's reading assignment, but no one did it, nor is anyone awake enough to form cohesive sentences anyway.  In any case, it was a charming, if not a bit curious, museum and certainly worth the trip.

Today's mileage: 2.43 mi

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