Thursday, July 28, 2011

Navigating the job market

We interns had a bonus museum culture seminar today with the human resources department.  They gave a presentation about looking for jobs and going through the application and interview process.  As with many such trainings, it was geared more toward the museum world (understandable) than to the library world.  That is not to say that I took nothing away from it.  On the contrary, it was very informative to hear about the hiring process from the recruiter and human resources point of view.  One thing that they stressed was the importance of utilizing the benefits of LinkedInI've got a profile which I've kept updated, though I have yet to find LinkedIn to be particularly helpful.  However, I figure it can't hurt, I keep it anyway.  And it's got a link to the lovely blog you are currently reading. 

Today's mileage: 2.29 mi


  1. One piece of advise I have for looking for a job, especially in an educational setting, is to pay attention to who you will be dealing with (in the case of librarians, the patrons, be they students, faculty, community members, etc.) and make sure you have something to say about how you envision working with each group. We're interviewing for a last minute faculty position right now, and some of the candidates have forgotten that being a faculty member means working with students just as much as it means being a colleague! Good luck!

  2. Oh, and proofread what you write -- that should be "advice" not "advise"!