Friday, July 1, 2011

Another museum field trip Friday

I am finally getting around to visiting various museums on my days off and today's locale of choice was the Museum of Modern Art or MoMA.  My roommate Genevieve and her friend Tony came with me and we wandered about the museum for a couple of hours.  We came across a piece that was just pieces of individually wrapped candies piled in a corner - candy that we were encouraged to take and enjoy.  Something about when the artist died, his wife was overweight so she resolved to lose 25 pounds and whenever the candy runs out, the museum sends a photo to her of the empty corner and she sends a photo back of her weight loss.  So far she has lost 5 pounds, the guard told us.  Coincidentally, it is a rather festively colored piece, considering the upcoming holiday.  On the third floor is the Architecture & Design Gallery which is reminiscent of an IKEA.  And I do love IKEA.  The fourth and fifth floors hold the museum's Painting & Sculpture collection which held much more familiar names and pieces than the rest of the museum - I could list them off but just think of just about any big name in modern art and chances are they had at least a piece or two up there.  I mean, it is MoMA after all.

After our MoMA excursion, I dragged my cohorts a few blocks north to see the Ai Weiwei Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads installation.  Maybe you remember me mentioning it a couple of weeks ago?  Anyway, it was pretty neat and it will be taken down on July 15th so I made a point to go see it before that.  There I am, standing near my Chinese zodiac sign, the tiger.  This is, of course, slightly different from one's astrological sign which is based upon the time of year one was born.  Below is a panorama of the entire installation:

Today's mileage: 4.02 mi

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