Saturday, July 2, 2011

Museum field trip weekend!

Today's wanderings took me to the Frick Collection which holds older, more classic works in a domestic setting.  The collection is held in the former home of Henry Clay Frick who was an avid art collector.  The museum is a mix of portraits, landscapes, and various other paintings by the Old Masters.  It is always exciting to see artworks that I have learned about in my art history classes and such.  One painting in the collection is the Sir Thomas More portrait by Hans Holbein the Younger which is at the center of the novel I am currently reading, Portrait of an Unknown Woman.  The museum was small and not terribly crowded which was nice as I was able to see the entire thing in about an hour and at my own pace.

Being so close to Central Park, I decided to wander around that for a bit.  I found my way the the south end of it where there was some sort of Bollywood thing going on or something.  I honestly don't know what it was, all I could tell was that there was a mass of people, some dressed in traditional Indian garb and others wearing tuxedos or fancy dresses, dancing around to Indian music.  If I discover the meaning of any of this, I'll let you know.

Today's mileage: 3.79 mi

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