Sunday, July 31, 2011

Laziness and Lady Liberty

My apologies for my lack of blog post yesterday.  You see, dear reader, yesterday I was lazy.  I mean, I still managed to walk just over a mile (see below) in the quest for meals and such, but other than that, I did basically nothing.  It was quite nice, actually.

Today, I was a bit more active.  Anu and I brunched with a friend of hers in Times Square, which was far busier than the one other time I was there.  We later traveled down to Battery Park, at the southernmost tip of Manhattan, to see the Statue of Liberty from across the water.  No, we did not actually go out to the island to see it close-up or climb to the top or anything.  That costs money!  And we are being quite cheap at the moment.  Ok, mostly we just had no real interest in going.  But I also saw the Statue of Liberty when my plane to New York City was landing, which I thought was pretty neat.

Yesterday's mileage: 1.06 mi.
Today's mileage: 2.48 mi.

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