Sunday, July 17, 2011

Computer troubles, original cataloging, art on the subway, and weekend fun

Thank you, dedicated reader, for staying tuned for the exciting continuation of my New York adventures.  As you may know, last week my computer decided to be very uncooperative and has left me pleading with it to work.  Although it is still not yet functional, I believe I have isolated the problem and intend to get it back in top shape as soon as the necessary components arrive (fingers crossed for Tuesday).  Thus, please excuse my lapse in posting - it has not been for lack of excitement or interest.

I suppose I will work chronologically as I always do.  Thursday, I learned to do original cataloging!  I have been doing a great deal of copy cataloging in my internship and in the process ended up large piles of books in need of original cataloging so I decided it was time to expand my skill set.  It is a very tedious process but I am slowly but surely chipping away at my piles of books.  There are certainly some that I am still unable to do as they do not have enough English or another language using the Latin alphabet for me do be able to describe them properly.  But there are plenty of other books to keep me busy.

Friday was another museum culture seminar in which we learned about the MTA Arts for Transit program.  This is the program that commissions and maintains all of the wall murals, sculptures, and other art manifestations in the subway stations as well as some of the posters in the subway cars themselves.  It was interesting to learn about the mediums that they favor as it is necessary to have art that is very durable and able to withstand the daily interaction of hundreds, if not thousands, of people.  A particularly popular medium is the tile mosaic and I found it interesting that they commission both an artist who creates the work and then a fabricator who translates it into tile. 

My friend Phil arrived for a weekend visit on Friday!  On Saturday morning, we met up with one of his friends for a trip to The Met - they went to see the Alexander McQueen exhibition and I took the time to see the rest of the museum.  Unfortunately, the exhibit with my beloved Madame X is still under renovation but it should be open again later this week so I should be able to see it soon.  But back to my visit from Phil - he has been quite helpful in the moral support department in terms of my computer issues.  I am very grateful for his visit, indeed.

Thursday's mileage: 2.31 mi
Friday's mileage: 2.28 mi
Saturday's mileage: 3.81 mi
Today's mileage: 2.50 mi

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