Thursday, June 30, 2011

All-staff meeting excitement

As today's title indicated, I went to the Guggenheim all-staff meeting this morning.  The meeting was in the Peter B. Lewis Theater in the basement of the museum and had comfy seats and dim lighting - two things that are not particularly conducive to keeping one's eyes open in the morning.  I mean, not that I would have first-hand experience of such a condition, it just seems like a potential situation for the average person.  Anyway, after the meeting, I took the opportunity to stroll around the museum to see the permanent collection as these works were roped off during Friday's exhibition opening.  I think I have finally seen the entire museum now.  That being said, I wouldn't put money on me not saying that exact same thing again at some point in the near future.

Afterward, my boss Becky and I walked across Central Park to take the subway to the downtown offices.  Becky needed to return a couple of books to the public library, so we stopped at the Hudson Park branch on our way back.  It is a small but sufficient branch and reminded me of my mom's library.  We chuckled about how, as librarians, it is not a rare occasion to visit two or three libraries in one day (one's own library plus another location where we might act as a patron and indeed a third study location).

As I'm sure you know, this a holiday weekend coming up and I currently have no plans for said holiday.  If anyone knows of anything particularly awesome going on this weekend, I am open to suggestions.  That being said, please do not say something like, "Go see fireworks!"  I mean, I love you guys, but yeah, duh - I'm shootin' for specific events here.  Thank you!

Today's mileage: 3.97 mi

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