Sunday, June 5, 2011

Adventures in Brooklyn

Genevieve and I decided to go to the Williamsburg Flea Market in Brooklyn today so we ventured out to hop onto the L train to our destination.  But as it so happens, the L train was our of service this weekend so we had to scramble to find another way to the flea market.  We did indeed find another train though it was more out of the way than our original plan.  In any case, we arrived at the location of the flea market only to be met with about two tables set up with stuff and half a dozen people milling about.  Not exactly what we were expecting.  So we carried on our merry way to find a place for lunch.  We stumbled upon a lovely cafe, New York Muffins where I had the chicken and brie (!!) sandwich and a very tasty iced caramel latte.  Following lunch, Genevieve wanted to find this one thrift store, Beacon's Closet on 11th Street, so toward 11th Street we headed.  We passed a great little yarn shop, The Yarn Tree which had Malabrigo yarn and made me think of Meaghan as I know this is her favorite.  As we got further south, more and more of the population seemed to be Orthodox Jews which we later discovered to be Borough Park, "home to one of the largest Orthodox Jewish communities outside of Israel."  But whatever, we had reached south 11th Street so I asked Genevieve for the address of the thrift store again.  "88 North 11th Street."  "North 11th Street?  We're on South 11th Street!"  So we turned around to head in the right direction and burn off some more of our lunch (see today's rather high mileage to get an idea of how much we walked).  This took us out of the Jewish part of town and into hipster-land.  Alas, we finally made it to the thrift store and shopped for a bit before heading home.  It was quite a journey we had today and I will hopefully sleep quite well tonight as tomorrow is my first day interning in the Guggenheim Library & Archives!

Today's mileage: 5.22 mi

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