Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mini London reunion

I saw a guy this morning wearing a UF shirt and did a double take.  I thought nothing of it at first, as that is practically the uniform in my hometown of Gainesville, Florida.  Then I remembered, "No, Toto, we're not in Gainesville anymore; this is a rare sighting."  I'll admit, I stared at this random middle-aged stranger for a few moments before continuing on my journey.

Anyway, the real excitement of the day was meeting up with two, count 'em, not one, but two of my London people!  Elana, Lynn, and I went to the Hester Street Fair this afternoon and then wandered about the city.  The fair was rather small so we walked back up through Chinatown and Little Italy before heading back up Broadway and stumbling upon another fair, which I believe was the same one I came across last weekend, the Clearview Festival.  Having been on our feet for quite some time, we sought refuge on the benches of Washington Square Park where a small cluster of people were gathered to gaze upon something atop one of the surrounding buildings.  We finally discovered that everyone was staring up at Pip, the baby red-tailed hawk whose nest is at the top of one of the NYU buildings.  I think there is some relation between Pip and Pale Male but I haven't been able to find an immediate connection and to be honest, I don't have the interest enough to really try.  In any case, below is a photo of the top of the building, with an arrow pointing to what I think is Pip (I couldn't actually see him from the park).

After that excitement, we wandered around the park and found a guy doing some really cool sand art.  It was amazing.  We then dined and had a jolly good time before parting at the subway station.  'Twas a good day.

And by the way, in case you have been living under a rock, the state of New York did indeed legalize same-sex marriage.  Epic.

Today's mileage: 5.51 mi

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