Friday, June 24, 2011

Library training, Madison Square Park, Guggenheim opening party, the list goes on and on...

Such a long day!  I shall start at the beginning.  This morning, we interns had library and archives training at the Guggenheim.  You're probably chuckling to yourself, "Ha, but Katy, you are the library and archives intern, certainly you don't need that training" and while you may be right that I didn't need the training, it was nonetheless rather informative, particularly in respect to archives.  My background is mainly in libraries so archives are kind of new territory for me. 

Following our training, we had a break before meeting back up at Madison Square Park to learn about their public art program.  Along with a number of historical statues scattered throughout the park, they are currently featuring Jaume Plensa's Echo sculpture on their main greenspace (see right). 

We then dispersed again only to be reunited later in the evening for the Members' Opening Party and Private Viewing: Lee Ufan back at the museum.  Yep, that's right, I got to go to an exhibition opening, I am awesome.  And I got to bring a guest - my former London study abroad classmate, Lynn!  Back in London, Lynn and I were museum buddies, always up for a trip to some exhibition in our off time.  And she is in the city for the weekend so I invited her along.  We both found the Lee Ufan exhibition to be...interesting but we were just as excited to simply be at such an event and to people watch and play fashion critic.  Yes, our night boiled down to, "I bet that suit was ridiculously expensive...That dress is just a tad too tight for her...Check out the guy in the flannel...."  And that, dear reader, was my day.  A rather long one, as inferred from the sheer number of photos included in this post and today's mileage (see below).  So I leave you tonight with a neat-o vertical panorama of the Guggenheim that I created before promptly passing out:

Today's mileage: 5.84 mi

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