Monday, June 6, 2011

First day!

Sooo, today was my first day working in the Guggenheim library!  When we had our orientation on Thursday, a lot of it was geared toward museum stuff (understandable) but I was a bit out of my element since libraries are really my thing (not that museums are not my thing, I am just far more on top of the library scene).  But today I got to be in the library, where I am comfortable.  I learned the circulation functions and shelved some items.  The shelves are very tight and it is quite a small library so my supervisor, Becky, was explaining that she was thinking the collection needed to be weeded a bit, primarily through de-duplication.  I know what you're thinking, "De-duplication...that sounds familiar...Katy, weren't you just doing that at UF?"  Why how very astute of you to remember, dear reader.  I have indeed been de-duplicating UF's Auxiliary Library Facility for the past four and a half months, an experience that I believe will be put to good use in the coming weeks at the Guggenheim.  I was able to show off all my relatively new copyright knowledge and awareness of the wonders that are the digital collections of Internet Archive and HathiTrust (said knowledge made possible by the lovely staff of ALF, especially Team De-dup!).  But that is not all I will be doing.  There is also a large backlog of items that need to be cataloged that I was just learning to do this afternoon.  There will be much learning to be had this summer, it will be quite an adventure!

Today's mileage: 3.01 mi

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