Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gay Pride Parade - what else, of course?

Today was the annual NYC Gay Pride Parade so, needless to say, that's where I was this afternoon.  The new marriage equality legislation played a big part in today's events with many marchers holding signs saying "Thank you Governor Cuomo!"  And speaking of, he was just one of the many well-known personalities that marched today.  Also of note was Dan Savage who, with his husband Terry Miller, served as grand marshals for the parade (see photo, Dan Savage is on the passenger side).  Dan Savage started the It Gets Better Project, aimed at preventing LGBT youth suicides and providing them with hope in general.  Other big names included a few more politicians and burlesque dancer Tigger! who I never would have recognized had it not been for my previous trip to the Museum of Sex which featured a portrait and video of him in its exhibition The Nudie Artist: Burlesque Revived.  If you don't mind the frequently scantily-clad marcher and even some nudity (not my own of course), you can see all of my photos from the parade here - you've been warned.

Today's mileage: 1.86 mi (though I did stand for a solid hour or two as well)

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