Wednesday, June 15, 2011

An evening at Sotheby's

Tonight, I went to this program/reception put on by Sotheby's Institute of Art.  The institute is indeed linked to Sotheby's auction house, in case you were curious - the auction house created the institute as a way to fill in the educational gaps of their employees as well as other interested in the art business.  Anyway, the speaker was Eric Shiner, the curator and director of the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh.  He began by telling us about his varied background in the art world and then went on to talk more about Andy Warhol and his museum and foundation.  I hadn't paid much attention to Andy Warhol prior to tonight, but this program has sparked my interest a bit in both his work and the man himself.  I don't mean that I now love every piece of work he's done, but simply that I will probably read the Wikipedia article on him in the coming days and pay attention if I see an article that references him or something.  And I would like to visit the museum but Pittsburgh is kinda far, so maybe not.  Anyway, it made for an interesting night.

Today's mileage: 1.98 mi

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