Thursday, June 23, 2011

More archiving

Just as the blog title indicates, I was doing more archiving today!  Apparently I was so awesome yesterday that my services were requested again today.  They were especially glad that I was catching a lot of mistakes - whether it was missing folders, extra folders, out of order folders, you name it, I was all over that mess.  I also acted as a bit of a sounding board to one of the archivists concerning one of the findings in the archive.  As part of the archival project, the Guggenheim has been keeping a blog of findings that the archivists, well, find.  These are various interesting discoveries that the archivists have come across and make digitally available to the public along with a bit of background information.  I'm not sure if the finding that we discussed today actually made the cut for the blog or not, but it was interesting nonetheless to be a teeny bit involved in the process.

So tomorrow, I am going to the Members' Opening Party and Private Viewing: Lee Ufan at the museum.  This is the opening of the new exhibition that the Guggenheim is hosting and as staff, I get to attend and bring one guest.  Stay tuned to find out who my +1 is!

Today's mileage: 2.77 mi

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